My Face Looks Weird In Selfies Until I Got This Must Have Phone Accessory 100%


My face looks weird when I take selfies. I’ll admit it. It’s true. 

Just like everyone else, I love posting my daily adventures. Just a few days ago, I was out for a run and the light was perfect. The sunset flashed the most amazing reds and oranges across the city skyline. 

Perfect selfie scene! I pulled out my phone, and I took about a thousand shots. Not a single one looked good. Even when the angle was right the light was perfect, my face looked weird. My nose was gigantic, like I was some wicked witch. What was going on?

Why Do Selfies Make My Face Look Weird?

I had to figure it out. Turns out that lots of people noticed their giant schnozes get even schnozier when they take selfies. There are lots of reasons why we think our faces look so odd. 

We’re Bad At Selfies

Not all of us. All those famous instagrammers are fantastic at taking selfies, but most of us aren’t. It takes a lot of work to get a shot right. Here are some great tips to fix your technique:

  • Put the camera between you and the light
  • Keep the camera high and your chin down
  • Try different angles
  • Smile like you mean it
  • No duckface

But the most important way to get good at selfies is to take a lot of them. A LOT of them.

Mirrors Trick Our Minds 

Mirrors trick our minds into seeing ourselves differently than we actually are. No, I’m not talking about that amazing mirror that makes you think you’re thinner. Mirrors show us a reversed image. What you see as your left side is actually your right and vice versa.

We get to know our reverse faces better than the real ones. Our faces aren’t symmetrical, so the mirror makes us see the differences one way. A selfie shows the real image, and it looks weird

Fortunately, no one else’s brain is stuck in mirror world, so you don’t look funny to them.

Your Arms Are Too Short

Here’s the real problem, though. My arms are too short. So are yours. 

Dr. Boris Paskhover and his team of researchers discovered why our noses look so big when we take a selfie. The camera is too close. They discovered that the distance from nose to camera determines how big that honker is.

At 12 inches, your nose can look up to 30 percent bigger. It doesn’t become normal until your camera is five feet away. My arm is definitely not that long, and no amount of stretching will fix that. 

Make My Arms Longer!

So, the reason your snout hulks out in your selfies is that your arms aren’t long enough. Mother nature kinda sucks, doesn’t she?

There’s a simple solution, the selfie stick. I found this great bluetooth selfie stick. It’s easy to hold, and it gives me great pictures. I still get the fun, spontaneous look of a selfie, but I don’t get the gigantor sniffer. Take that mother nature!

Not only do I get selfies that actually look like me, my selfie stick makes it easier to get a photo of the whole gang when we’re out on the town. I love it.


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