I Cancelled Our Cable The Day Before The Super Bowl. Guess How My Husband Reacted.


It’s the day before the Super Bowl, and I made the call. It’s time to cancel the cable. The screen goes dark, our guide disappears. No channels at all.

Super Bowl

Am I a monster? Did I have something against my husband? You might think so. If we can’t get the big game, there’s no party, no pigs in a blanket, no queso, no fun. No big game on a massive 4K TV. I might as well banish him to the couch.

Cable Sucks

Why did I do it? Because cable sucks. We spend a buttload of money every month just to watch TV. I can think of about a thousand better ways to use our money than that. We could take a trip or spend all our money on nerdy decor. Anything’s better than sending it to Comcast.

We didn’t use it, either. Broadcast TV is so limiting. You get a thousand channels, but you have to watch what they program for you. You might have a dozen channels with a couple good shows, but you have to be at home at the right time to get them. If you’re just channel surfing, you’ll flip forever without finding anything.

Cutting of seasons in between.

They try to catch up with the times by offering some streaming, but it doesn’t measure up. Start a show in the fourth season and want to watch the rest? Can’t do that with cable streaming. They cut off their seasons after a few weeks.

Streaming TV

So, I cut the cable, and now I’m gonna save a ton of money. What about TV? You can get streaming TV without any subscription fees. They all offer free streaming, supported by commercials. It might not be the newest shows or movies, but they’re a lot of fun. Here are some of my family’s favorites:

  • Tubi TV
  • Sony Crackle
  • Vudu
  • Popcornflix
  • Pluto TV

You can even stream your favorite cable channels. Most of the best ones have streaming options with subscriptions. If you’re just into Syfy, you can just get that. Once you finish up, you can turn off the subscription and go to another one.

What About Live TV?

But can you get the Super Bowl? Did I doom my whole family to a day without men crashing into each other, forced to read books? 

Nope. You can watch the big game online, too. There are a thousand (maybe not a thousand) live TV subscriptions that’ll show us the big game. You can even get them at Ultra HD, 4K resolution, so the hits come even harder. 

Here are some of the services you can use.

  • Playstation Vue
  • AT&T Watch
  • Hulu With Live
  • Philo

There’s a bunch more. Even Amazon Prime is dipping its toes into live football. 

So, we get to have the big party with all that amazing food, guys shouting at the TV. And we get to save money. Once the game is over, we’re gonna cancel that service. No contracts or commitments mean we get to choose what we want. 

Easy enough. Great TV for less money, and it looks gorgeous, too.


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