5 Ways To Relax On The Road So You Get Home Rejuvenated


I bet your commute is tough. You probably drive an hour or more to get to work and back. You work hard all day long, and then you run the gauntlet again. You face traffic and crazy drivers. It’s all you can do not to scream at everyone. By the time you’re home, you’re just a bundle of stress. I’m sure the whole family loves it.

What if the ride home was rejuvenating? You could come how and smile at your family. You’d happily go aoub the rest of your day. You might even be able to change people’s minds on social media (well, maybe not that one). Here are five ways you can relax on the way home.

1. Rejuvenate Your Mind

If you have a long commute, you spend a ton of time in your car. Why spend all that time just thinking about driving (and raging out at the traffic). You can use your drive time to learn something new.

Listen audiobooks a great way to learn something while you are traveling.

Audio books are a great way to learn on the road. Listen to books by great authors and learn from their expertise. History, poetry, economics, or just some fun history, you can learn a lot while you drive. Not interested in deep thinking? Transport yourself to a galaxy far, far away or watch the beautiful, but naive, girl get swept off her feet by the handsome stranger.

You don’t even have to pay for them. Librivox offers free public domain audio books from great works of nonfiction to classic stories. If a book is too much for your drive, try a podcast. Funny, educational, or political, you can listen to people talk about anything you want.

2. Unplug Your Mind

I know, I know. I just told you to plug into some audio education. Sometimes, though, we just need to unplug. 

We spend so much time with media, headphones in our ears and streaming screens. We bombard ourselves with outside stimuli all day long. Sometimes we need to just unplug and spend sometimes with our thoughts.

Unplug everything, let you and your thoughts to be alone.

So, turn off the radio. Turn down the lady from your favorite maps program. Sit by yourself in your car, just you and your thoughts. You’d be surprised how relaxing it can be.

3. Relaxing Essential Oils

Essential oils have a ton of uses. They can pick your mood, make your skin feel better, or help you relax. Most people know they can use essential oils at home, but they don’t know that you can do it in the car, too.

Essential oils can help you relax a lot.

Use a portable oil diffuser to help you relax while you drive. There are great options for cars, or you can wear one around your neck. However you do it, essential oils can make a big difference.

You can find relaxation blends on any essential oil website. If you want to make your own, try these (even the ones with funny names):

  • Lavender 
  • Orange
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Ylang-Ylang
  • Damask Rose

4. Sounds And Thoughts Meditation

Most of the stress of driving isn’t really from the traffic or the other cars, it’s us. If you constantly think about how slow you’re moving, you’re gonna get frustrated. If you rage out every time someone cuts you off, your gonna be angry. Change your mindset to make your commute more relaxing.

Meditation a great source of relaxation.

Try this technique from Dr. Danny Penman. Sit in a relaxed position and concentrate on easy breathing. Then, really listen to the sounds as the come in, the cars, the rush of the freeway, the rattling of your car. They’re not just distractions or annoyances. Instead, they can be something to hear and consider while you drive.

5. Laugh

Laughing and cracking jokes keeps us relaxed and releases our tension.

Find something to make you laugh while you drive. Listen to a comedy special while you’re speeding down the road. Stream a funny podcast. There’s even funny music out there. 

Not only will you laugh, but you get to look like a lunatic while you’re driving. Enjoy the feeling as other drivers give you the weird side-eye when you just don’t care. Laugh all the way home.

Your commute doesn’t need to be terrible. These five ways can help make it bearable, maybe even enjoyable. With the right attitude and the best methods, you can turn your drive into something that’s good for you so you can get home rejuvenated.



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